£31.36 exc. vat
Product Code: 3MPBK15
Pack: Carton of 5
Weight: 5 KG
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Product Description

3M Premium Range Floor Pads
Size: 15''
Colours Available:

Black   - 3MPBK15
Blue     - 3MPBU15
Brown - 3MPBR15
Green  - 3MPGR15
Red      - 3MPRD15
White  - 3MPWH15

Sold in Packs of 5

Black - Heavy duty coarse stripping pad, this is for wet striping of floors removing old finishes. It is important to keep this pad on the move as its course nature will quickly damage floors if left in one spot for too long.
Blue - This moderate floor pad is ideal for scrubbing floors and heavy-duty spray cleaning applications, its course texture will remove top layers of finish that may be soiled.
Brown - This pad can be used wet or dry for heavy duty stripping of floors.
Green - This pad is getting fairly course, ideal for heavy duty scrubbing and light stripping work.
Red – This floor pad is slightly coarser than the white pad and designed for cleaning, and spray buffing, will remove scuff marks due to its slightly coarser finish.
White - This pad is very fine and designed for dry polishing of floors or light water spray polishing for a super high gloss.

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