Return Policy


The Buyer may only cancel orders with the prior written consent of the Seller. The Seller reserves the right to refuse cancellation of orders in all situations and in particular in the case where Goods are ready for collection or where the Goods are ready to be dispatched to the Buyer, or have been dispatched to the Buyer. The Seller further reserves the right to refuse cancellation of any order where the Goods are in the process of manufacture or where the Goods have been ordered to specific requirements by the Buyer.
The Seller will not accept return of Goods where such Goods have been correctly supplied to order to the Buyer. The Seller may voluntarily agree to a return of Goods upto 28 days from date of purchase but this will only be with the Sellers consent and the Seller will not in any event be obliged to accept the return of Goods. Where such a return of the Goods is voluntarily accepted by the Seller there will be a handling charge of 25% of the purchase price on all products. The Seller also reserves the right to charge carriage costs on the return of any Goods and in any event it will be the Buyers responsibility to return all Goods free from defect to the Seller where the Seller has voluntarily agreed to accept the return of the Goods.
No return of Goods will be accepted by the Seller at its warehouse without a prior authorisation number having been given by the Seller.

All returns and refunds are at the discretion of Kelher Supplies.